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Millie-Sayings-MBC2I just heard that the word “satisfaction” means confident acceptance of something dependable and true. I thought satisfaction was a plate of chewy brownies!

So, I asked my War Eagle Mill buddies if we can honestly say we have something dependable and true….like truly organic products that are good for folks. Yep, they tell me, certified and everything….and I can have all the brownies I want cuz it’s good for me. (Well, okay, I’m stretching it a little).

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So, I went on a shopping spree and invited a few youngsters to help me find some wholesome food and the trip got me thinking, how can we get kids to learn more and be excited about good food?  With the kids help, along with our friends at the Whole Foods Market, I came up with 4 tricks!

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        1. Organic-Seal-300x300Look for the organic seal. Have the kids explore food labels and find that trusty green seal. This will give them an opportunity to learn how to make choices on what they want to eat. It will turn a shopping trip into a discovery mission!
        2. Ask your child to read the labels out loud. What a great way for kids to sharpen their reading skills! If there are ingredients that are hard for them to pronounce or even have you tongue tied, encourage them to find a new food product that has simple and healthier ingredients.
        3. Every earth-friendly farm has a story. Take a visit to the Farmers Market and chat with a local farmer. Chat with your kids about how earth-friendly farming uses renewable resources, conserves soil and water for our environment and helps keep the planet healthy.Don’t have a farmer’s market or know a farmer? Hop on to, search for earth-friendly farms and take a virtual tour! Here’s a video of a local farm, Ozark Alternatives, building a greenhouse for growing yummy veggies!
        4. Pick a food and research it with your young one. What’s your child’s favorite food? Maybe it’s apples. Learn where apples come from and how we can nurture the apple tree. It might also be a good extra credit project for school!

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Have more ideas? Feel free to comment and add any you’ve found to help make learning about good food fun for kids!

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