Wheel, fudge and a ‘Selfie’


Now that my precious Mill is open every day, I took advantage of this great weather, grabbed my hiking stick and walked over to get me some beans and cornbread. The view was so beautiful (without last week’s snow) that I had to take a picture. Take a look.

hiking stick and mill WEB with frame

As I reached the end of the bridge, I heard a familiar sound of the big waterwheel, churning its little heart out. Talk about water power!  Take a listen.

Okay, I’m into ‘selfies’ – I admit. There I was with a permanent smile on my face surrounded by fudge. Those Eureka Springs Two Dumb Dames (they aren’t dumb, that’s the name of their company, silly) crank out fresh handmade fudge every day. My kind of friends!
Mille and fudge no background

After my fill of chocolate, I strolled through the Mill store to restock my cupboards. Gotta have my Blue Cornmeal Pancake Mix! All that shopping made me hungry, so the lovely Chef Miranda at the Bean Palace Restaurant cooked me up some vittles (don’t I sound Southern Cool?). Big slices of cornbread and a hot bowl of pinto bean soup!

bean palace restaurant cornbread miranda

shamrock image WEBAll, in all, the visit filled my tummy and my heart. Now I’m getting ready for a rollicking St. Patrick’s Day Weekend celebration, War Eagle Mill style. Hope you can join us!

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