Delicious Double Berry Dip

Millie-Sayings-MBC2A full day of school makes my little friends extra hungry when they get home. It’s not quite dinner time but their bellies are rumbling! Instead of letting them grab anything they can find (which is usually not so nutritious), I place a few strawberries and apple wedges on a plate and then whip up my Delicious Double Berry Dip! It’s a fruit dip with just three ingredients and no added sugar: vanilla yogurt, cream cheese and War Eagle Mill Double Berry Spread. They love it! So easy and so delicious, give it a try. – Miss Millie 

Delicious Double Berry Dip





Place cream cheese, yogurt, and berry spread in a large bowl or blender. 





Whisk for a few minutes until blended well or pulse in blender until smooth. Place in smaller bowls and serve with strawberries, apples or any fruit you’d like!




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