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Craft Fair

What are the dates for the 2017 craft fair?

Visiting the Mill

Where are you located?

  • We are located along the War Eagle Creek approximately 15 miles east of Rogers, or 25 miles southwest of Eureka Springs.
    Here is more information on our hours and maps page.

How do I get to the Mill?

  • The War Eagle Bridge is undergoing restoration until September 30th, 2017. For updated directions, visit our hours and maps page.

 What are your hours?

  • 8:30am to 5:00pm 7 Days per Week March 1st – January 1st
  • For our NEW Café hours, visit our Bean Palace Café page
  • Mill closed for the rest of January and February.

Do you have an elevator to the Café?

  • No. Upon request we will set a table on first floor or on the front porch and bring your food downstairs to you. We can seat 4 to 6 people at a time. For more information, please visit our Bean Palace Café page.

I have a bus/ large group. Can you accommodate us?

  • If we could, we would all be in the parking lot waving a big “hello” to every busload of War Eagle friends stopping our way. We’ve made bus parking convenient and have filled the inside of our Mill with the stuff memories are made of — good food, good friends and wholesome, natural ingredients to nudge down home cooking creativity.Bus tours find their way to War Eagle Mill via Highway 12. Height clearance on the historic War Eagle Bridge will not accommodate busses, so Highway 12 is the best bus option.Special bus tour pricing on our lunch menu is available for groups of 10 or more with advance notification. Meals for bus drivers and tour coordinators are free with the purchase of a group lunch of 10 or more people. We ask for advance notice to ensure that we reserve the seating and have enough good food to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Do you give tours?

  • Yes, we have both formal and informal tours. Both tours are FREE! The informal tour is a quick and casual overview of the Mill, while the formal tour is longer and more in depth–so if you would like the formal version you will need to call ahead to arrange a time at 866-492-7324.
  • Our free informal tours are provided by request, and they are given by our knowledgeable staff on each floor. At any time, our miller will be happy talk to you about the general history of the mill and the milling operations using the river to power our stone buhrs. In the second floor gift shop, our clerks enjoy telling stories about the founders of our mill, Sylvanus and Catherine Blackburn. The third floor’s Bean Palace Café staff may even have a ghost story or two to share!
  • We also offer Mill tours for groups on buses. Your tour experience starts with a short history of the Mill, the legend of War Eagle and an introduction of our products. Civil War history abounds in War Eagle Valley and guests relish the human stories surrounding the North/South conflict. They can walk through time across a 101 year old bridge to view the oldest house in Benton County, built by the Mill’s original owners, Sylvanus and Catherine Blackburn. Self-guided tours are also an option and we’re always there to answer questions.

Do you carry items from local and/or master artisans?

  • Yes. A short list of items from master craftsmen/women include oil and water color paintings, handmade knives, jewelry, pottery for the table and the oven and wooden crafts.

Can I go into the basement to see where the waterwheel connects to the main drive belt?

  • No. The basement is not a “finished” part of the structure. It has remained its natural dirt surface and rock base. However, a staff member can open the internal door that allows you to look inside and see the main belt around the axle of the waterwheel.

Do you grind every day?

  • Yes, as long as the river allows it. During fast rising water we must close the water gate to protect the wheel from floating logs. Also, when Beaver Lake is above flood stage the water wheel cannot generate enough power to grind the grain properly due to the lack of downstream flow against the high lake level. We always ensure we have ample product for our customers.

About Our Products

Why do natural organic grains cost more?

  • The number one reason is farming practices. USDA certified organic grains have to start from a recognized natural strain with the seed stock. The grains can only be cultivated in certified organic fields which have restrictions on how close they can be to non-organic farm fields. The fertilizers and pest controls are natural and must also fall under the strict USDA organic guidelines. All of these things place restrictions on what would be standard farming practices which drive up costs. Additionally, each farm, grain storage facility and processor must undergo a USDA inspection annually to keep their certified organic status. War Eagle Mill is USDA organic certified so we can maintain the natural and organic grains as we process them into flours, meals and mixes.

Are your grains better than regular flours from the large mass production companies?

  • Yes. First, we start with the best grains possible – USDA certified natural organic whole grains. Large flour mills rarely, if ever, use organic grains. Our milling process utilizes the slow turning stone buhrs which allows the natural oils, vitamins and minerals to stay intact through the milling process. High-speed large volume operations utilize hammer and roller mill processes which create friction/heat that diminishes the nutritional content of the flours and meals being produced. Many companies also remove the germ of the seed during processing and have additives for processing and to improve shelf life. War Eagle Mill processes the whole grain and has no additives, which is why we recommend storing our products in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight bag or container.

Do you have gluten-free grains?

  •  Many of our grains are naturally gluten free but use caution. According to the list found at the Celiac Sprue Association, all varieties of corn, corn grits, corn meal, corn flour, all varieties of our beans, basmati rice, brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, flaxseed, millet, popcorn and soy flour are naturally gluten free. We follow the current manufacturing practices set forth by the FDA for food producers, however, note that our gluten-free products are stored and processed in the same facilities as our non gluten-free grains and flours at this time. Thus, there is a chance for cross contamination. We do offer one Certified Gluten Free product called Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.  It is produced in our partner Mill that processes only gluten free flour and is tested to be gluten free.

How can I share my favorite recipes with War Eagle Mill?


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