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Holiday Party Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board

Attending a Holiday Party? Not sure what to take? Charcuterie boards are a great way to create an awesome spread of finger foods with little hassle. In the spirit of Christmas, the example above is taking classics items like cucumber, cheese cubes, grapes, salami, pretzels, and crackers to create a Christmas tree theme.

The charcuterie board in it’s more formal sense was designed to be a selection of meats that were intended to be surrounded by foods that compliment it. What we find to be the most fun is finding foods that contrast one another in taste, texture, and color but work in harmony together to shake up the taste buds.

Don’t forget the condiments! We sell a complimentary selection of War Eagle Mill items in our War Eagle Mill general store and on our website, Our Ozark Stout Ale Mustard and Jalapeno Mustard are great additions as well as our assortment of Pickles and Relishes.

If you are not trying to create a shape or design with your food layout, be sure to use the entire surface of the board utilizing the colors and textures of the foods. To create a more 3D, look to your display you can use the rim of a glass to form a rose with the meat slices.

If shopping at our War Eagle Mill general store in Rogers, AR be sure to checkout our large selection of locally handmade cutting and charcuterie boards.

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