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Understanding the Distinctions Between Jams, Jellies, and Butters

When it comes to leveling up your meals, there is a huge difference between using artisan jams, jellies, and butters versus generic spreads. But what really makes the difference between a jam, a jelly, and a fruit butter?

These spreads enhance the taste of our meals and embody the tradition and craftsmanship of “Grandma’s kitchen.” Let’s unpack each one’s unique qualities!

Jams: The Essence of Fruit Preserved

Jams embody the best of fruit preservation. They are created by cooking crushed or chopped fruit with sugar, which sweetens and thickens the mixture. This process preserves the fruit, allowing its natural flavors and textures to shine through in a chunky, spreadable form. 

From the sweetness of berry jams to the unique savoriness of concoctions like maple bacon jam, this variety embodies the versatility of jams. They serve as excellent spreads, fillings, or toppings, offering a burst of fruitiness in every application.

Jellies: Pure and Clear

Jellies distinguish themselves through their preparation, which involves the use of fruit juice rather than whole or pieces of fruit. Combined with sugar and pectin, the juice is transformed into a clear, firm gel that spreads smoothly. 

The clarity and texture of jellies make them a perfect topping for toast or a refined layer in cakes and pastries, providing a seamless blend of sweetness and texture.

Fruit Butters: Rich, Smooth, and Flavorful

Fruit butters, though bearing the name ‘butter,’ are dairy-free, consisting instead of a slow-cooked puree of fruit, sugar, and spices. This combination is reduced until it reaches a smooth, spreadable consistency, offering a rich and concentrated flavor. 

Unlike their jam and jelly counterparts, fruit butters feature a velvety texture that enriches everything from biscuits to yogurts. They showcase the depth of flavor achievable with simple, quality ingredients.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations with War Eagle Mill

Understanding the differences between jams, jellies, and butters equips you to take your cooking to the next level. War Eagle Mill prides itself on offering a selection of these spreads, each crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure unparalleled taste and quality. 

Our selection ranges from traditional blackberry jams to tangy apple butters, all made with a commitment to quality ingredients and the best flavors​​. We invite you to explore the delightful variety of War Eagle Mill’s spreads. Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur of jams, an aficionado of jellies, or a devotee of butters, our products promise to enrich your meals for everyone, from grandparents to little kiddos. Experience the exceptional flavors and textures that War Eagle Mill provides.

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