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My Journey from Ramay Junior High to War Eagle Mill: A Passion for Learning and Innovation

Hey there, I’m Chris Sputo, and I’ve got a story to share about my journey from teaching Family and Consumer Science at Ramay Junior High to becoming a part of the incredible team at War Eagle Mill Food Group. It’s a tale of passion, curiosity, and an unyielding desire to learn, and it’s been quite a ride.

My adventure began in the classrooms of Ramay Junior High, where I was a Family and Consumer Science teacher. This job was more than just a profession to me; it was a calling. I wanted to inspire young minds and ignite that spark of curiosity. But there was something unique about my approach to teaching.

You see, I had a deep love for all things related to food and nutrition. It wasn’t just a subject to teach; it was a world to explore. So, I decided to make my classes unforgettable. I turned my classroom into a mini-culinary laboratory, a place where students could see, touch, and experience the magic of food science.

One of my favorite experiments involved intentionally burning different foods. Sounds crazy, right? But it wasn’t just about creating culinary chaos; it was about teaching my students how nutrients work in our bodies. We’d compare how carbohydrates like crackers burned compared to fats like cashews and the time it took. It was a practical lesson on calorie burning, all through the simple act of setting snacks on fire. And yes, we even added a touch of math by diving into fractions as we cooked up recipes.

My students didn’t just learn; they had a blast doing it. They realized that subjects like science and math could be incredibly relevant to their lives. You know that age-old question kids often ask, “Why do I need to learn this?” Well, I was on a mission to provide answers that made sense.

My adventure took an unexpected turn when my husband Sam and I bought War Eagle Mill, a brand known for its premium-quality, organic flour, and a whole range of wholesome products. My background in education and my relentless enthusiasm for learning turned out to be a perfect fit for the brand. I was determined to keep the tradition of innovation and excellence alive at War Eagle Mill. With my love for experimentation and hands-on learning, I set out to create new and exciting products for the brand.

Now, here I am, bringing my experience and passion to War Eagle Mill Food Group. I’m using my educational background, my love for experimentation, and my knack for making complex ideas accessible to create new, delectable, and nutritious products. I’ve become a part of the War Eagle Mill history, and I couldn’t be happier.

In addition to making products; I’m here to bring a touch of magic to every creation and recipe. Every loaf of freshly baked bread made from War Eagle Mill’s premium organic flour, and baking mix – they all carry a piece of my heart. When you take a bite I want you to think, “Wow!”

So, when you enjoy the downhome goodness of War Eagle Mill’s offerings, know that behind every delightful creation is a teacher who turned into an artisan, someone who brings passion and warmth to every product. I’m here to make your experience uniquely War Eagle Mill, and I’m thrilled to be on this incredible journey with you.

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