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Anasazi Beans
Anasazi Beans
Anasazi Beans
Anasazi beans 1 lb bag
Anasazi Beans
Anasazi Beans
Anasazi Beans

Anasazi Beans, 1 lb. Bag

A Taste of Ancient Southwest Wisdom!

Named after the Ancestral Pueblo people, these beans boast a rich history dating back 750 years. Rediscovered by archaeologists in the 1950s, they still sprouted, a testament to their enduring legacy.

These Colorado-grown gems are a nutritional powerhouse – low in fat and sodium, yet packing a protein and fiber punch. What sets them apart is their low oligosaccharide content, making them easy on the digestive system.

With a hint of sweetness and quicker cooking time compared to pinto beans, Anasazi beans are a star ingredient for your favorite chili or soup. Unearth the flavors of the past with Anasazi Beans today!

We highly recommend serving with a slice of homemade cornbread. We offer Stone Ground Organic Blue Cornmeal, Organic Yellow Cornmeal, Organic White Cornmeal, and Yellow Cornbread Mix!

Recipe included on bag. 16 oz. bag.

Also available in 10 LB. Bag


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