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Sourcing the Finest Organic Grains: A Journey to Excellence

Behind every delightful product from War Eagle Mill lies a journey into the heartland of America. Can you imagine the vast wheat and corn fields of Kansas, Illinois and Minnesota? This is where the majority of our finest organic grains are sourced, the very lifeblood of our culinary creations.

Standing in those expansive Kansas Organic wheat fields, a sea of golden grain is swaying in the breeze. It’s a scene that embodies our deep commitment to quality. We partner with family-owned farms and businesses that span the region. These farmers and family businesses have united in a cooperative. Pooling their resources as part of the American Bread Basket. This collaborative approach allows us to source high-quality, organic ingredients while championing local communities and sustainable practices.

The family-owned farms and businesses cultivating the corn that adds a sweet and robust dimension to our culinary repertoire are from right here in the heartland of America. The golden kernels harvested from fertile soil become a vital thread in the tapestry of our exceptional products. Each bite tells a story of the craftsmanship and bountiful harvests of America’s farmers.

Our journey doesn’t end in the wheat and corn fields. It also takes us to the picturesque landscapes of the Northern United States and Canada, where the climate is ideal for growing quality oats. From these picturesque farms to our mill , the focus is on delivering the best oats, a critical component of some of our most beloved products.

From the rolling wheat fields of the MidWest  to the bountiful oat farms of Canada and the devoted family farms, our journey is one of respect, collaboration, and an unwavering dedication to quality. It’s these exceptional ingredients, sourced with care and passion, that make our products nothing short of extraordinary.

So, when you savor a bite of our bread mixes, pancakes, or any of our delightful creations, know that it’s a taste of the heartland, a testament to the care and dedication we invest in every step of our culinary journey.

With warmth and flavor,

Sam and Chris Sputo and the War Eagle Mill Team

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